We’re a visual storytelling, film education, and media strategy house.

We work with businesses and organizations that want to experiment with new ways of seeing and sharing the human experience. Understanding how to tell, share, and communicate a story effectively is at the center of everything we do.

Our approach:

We offer pre­-production, production, and post­production services for both short and long form projects in film, television, and digital media.

We instruct, design, implement, and train educators and students on how to become literate in what is watched on a screen.

We develop public relations and social media messaging strategies to help reach African-American consumers across the southeast U.S.

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Current Projects:

OTR has mastered the art of initiating connections between important community stakeholders to amplify the impact of creative projects.

In particular, OTR is adept at helping clients identify intuitive means to reach target audience groups and establish the visual communication and messaging required to do so in an authentic, meaningful way.

Tracie Broom + Debi Schadel
Tracie Broom + Debi Schadel
Co-Founding Partners, Flock & Rally

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