Anton Gunn

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Anton Gunn is an International Speaker, Best-Selling Author and Consultant.

A former advisor to President Barack Obama and the world’s leading authority on Socially Conscious Leadership….Anton’s brand was expanding, and he needed a fresh look for 2020.

He wanted his brand to be more than Healthcare and Leadership – he was helping organizations build world class culture, and he needed his branding to reflect that.

In partnership with Anton Gunn, the 937 Strategy Team and the Brand Builders Group, we worked with our printing partners to create the physical components of his new brand – including designing his new media kit, stationary, banners, video backdrops, t-shirts, hats and thank you cards.

And of course, we upgraded his video branding as well. Take a look at one of The Admired Executive’s new video pieces below. 

Anton Gunn Video

OTR Media Group has been instrumental in the development of my brand strategy for the market. They have provided me with all of the tools and services to make me stand out in the market. From graphic design, video editing and production, OTR has given me everything I needed and more. They are my trusted partner for all of my media needs.

Anton Gunn
Anton Gunn
Int'l Motivational Keynote Speaker, Author & Leadership Coach

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