I had to borrow a line from Big Sean for this one. As a UofSC Alumni, I always jump at the chance to work with the place that has literally shaped my life and what I do as a career. In 2001, I graduated from the REAL USC with a Major in Media Arts and Minor in African American Studies.

A little over 20 years later, OTRMG was tapped by Dr. Qiana Whitted, Frenche Brewer, Lindsay Arave and the team at what is now The African American Studies DEPARTMENT (Congratulations!) to produce a 4-part short documentary series on the 50th Anniversary of Black Studies at UofSC.

Considering the past of so many American collegiate institutions, particularly that of The University of South Carolina, honoring the work that went into and continues to shape the African-American Studies Department is necessary. “I feel blessed.”

HERE is a glimpse of the opening piece – you can view the 4-part series on the UofSC AFAM’s YouTube Channel. Enjoy.