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Filming on location at the University of South Carolina Columbia Campus from September 2021 to March 2022, we helped the African-American Studies Department (AFAM) produce this series of short documentary films to celebrate a milestone: the 50th anniversary of the Black Studies program at UofSC.

These short pieces were designed to explain what the AFAM Studies Department is, the work that they do, explore the history of the program and why it is so meanigful and relevant to the University of South Carolina.

For 7 months we filmed pivotal contributors, alumni, current and former faculty, staff and students that represent the wide variety of human beings that have played an important role in the development, growth and future of the department – and also how it has developed its own sense of community. 

A special thank you to Frenche Brewer, Lindsey Arave, Dr. Qiana Whitted and the entire AFAM Studies Department – thank you for letting us tell this story for you. 

Check out the trailer here: AFAM Studies 50th Teaser

For more information or to watch the full videos visit:

AFAM Studies @ UofSC

We are so proud of the work that OTR Media Group has done for us! The live reactions to the documentaries have been incredible. And I heard so many wonderful things about the quality of the production – including from Angela Davis herself, who was very impressed!!!! Thank you again for everything that you did to get us to such an AMAZING and incredibly moving film series. Thank you!!!

AFAM Studies Interim Director, Dr. Qiana Whitted
AFAM Studies Interim Director, Dr. Qiana Whitted
African American Studies @ UoSC

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