Welcome to OTR Media Group. We’re a visual storytelling, film education, and media strategy house. I’m so honored that you have taken the time to visit our site today and check us out. I created this company to use our expertise to better serve the needs of the public in these areas. I know that sounds a bit pretentious, but let me see if I can be a bit more straightforward.

I have had an incredible passion for film since I was in the second grade. It’s a vivid memory, because it was the exact moment that I knew I wanted to tell the kind of stories that you could see. One afternoon in class, we were assigned a blank book assignment. The book was hardback, with a race car spread across the entire back that you could color. Inside of this blank book, were blank pages that we were required to fill with a story, any story, that we could come up with. I decided to make my story about a day in the life of a stamp, as if the stamp was alive, could talk, and had human emotion. I wrote that story from visualizing how I SAW the stamp feeling, understanding, and dealing with the world around him. Turning those visuals in to actual images became my goal in LIFE. I put that entire visual story together in my head, but I felt that the written word did it no justice…my love for film was born.

Through my many years as a film producer and media educator, I’ve had a chance to experience visual communications from so many different perspectives: audiences, filmmakers, educators, students, businesses, entrepreneurs…it’s been quite an incredible journey since second grade. But that love for visual communication, moving images…film…stuck with me. And now, I have the opportunity to infuse that love into a new entity – OTR Media Group.

So, here we are. We are interested in telling and teaching stories, using our communication methods that experiment with new ways of seeing the human experience, that inspires critical thinking, and contributes to conversations regarding human issues like social justice and cross-cultural exchange. Our goal is to use our style of communication to create and empower others to create content that adds to our story as human beings regardless of race, creed or culture.

Welcome, to OTR Media Group.