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Education is a passion of paramount importance here at OTR Media Group. Although we specialize in media literacy, it is the practice and support of educating the public that is at the core of our passion.

Naturally, anytime we get a chance to work with a company focused intently on education we are especially excited. The South Carolina Education Association has been a partner, advocate and professional association for educating professionals for 50 years. The story of their organization is national history, and, that history is woven into the fabric of South Carolina.

One of the many groups in the education sector that the SCEA supports are ESPs – Education Support Professionals. These bus drivers, IT personnel, teachers assistants, maintenance workers and more play a critical role in the everyday lives of South Carolina students. The SCEA was planning an ESP conference and needed a TV spot that would put all of the focus on these underappreciated superstars that would celebrate who they are.

We took that idea and created a “moving picture” campaign that coincided with a “Respect” poster campaign that the NEA (National Education Association) just launched. The idea was to make every shot look like a photograph…that moved. The SCEA loved it and…well, we thought it was pretty cool too.

Check out some of the behind-the-scenes photos from our shoot, and view the final product here.

The Upward Bound Program in collaboration with OTR Media Group provided over 100 students from Richland County Schools the opportunity to discover the art of film and film development. OTR’s curriculum not only exposed students to the world of film, but also enabled them to produce short film projects that students used to fulfill school assignments and teach others about our program and the services we offer.

Sherard Duvall and his fellow team members are utilizing their craft to change the perspective of both pre-collegiate and collegiate students across the Richland County area. I would advise both academic and art centered programs to use their curriculum to motivate students who have an interest in media arts and communication.

Due to our partnership with OTR Media Group, the Upward Bound staff has recognized the vast amount of students who have an interest in this field and is now offering media arts and communications courses throughout its academic and summer phases.

James Prince, Jr.
James Prince, Jr.
USC Upward Bound Coordinator

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