L. Kobie Da Wiz

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L Kobie Da Wiz is an award-winning author, edutainer, and master teacher.

Kobie is an educator on a mission. His work to empower teachers and engage students through literacy and music inspired us. So much so, that in 2015 we got on the phone with the DeAbreau Agency and did our first work for him by creating a visual representation of his song “Getting Ready”.

After spending some time with Kobie and his team, it was clear that what he desired was a way to bottle up his energy and expertise shareable media content. Tangible visual products that could engage the educators, students and leaders that engage with him every day.

We are currently in development on a series of media products for “Da Wiz” to include more music visuals, short video pieces and a docu-story about what drives him to touch minds around the world.

OTR Media Group has done a phenomenal job capturing the spirit of my work. Working as an edutainer, it is often difficult to verbally paint a picture of what I provide. OTR was able to give people a very vivid picture of the heart and mission of the value I provide as L. Kobie Da Wiz. Their insight and ideas were amazingly helpful.

L. Kobie Da Wiz
L. Kobie Da Wiz
Master Teacher & International Award Winning Author

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