Justice 360:

The Case of Johnny Bennett

Project Details

Justice 360 is a South Carolina non-profit organization working to reform policies and practices in capital proceedings.

This short film was designed to paint a contemporary picture of race and the death penalty by portraying what has been left out – the human story.

For “The Case of Johnny Bennett,” we used family photos, family interviews, footage of the family home and neighborhood along with an interview with Mr. Bennett to paint a brief human picture of who the man behind the name was. This personal, local testimony – put together with current facts, and documentation of attorney conduct in Mr. Bennett’s case, helped to tell the HUMAN story. Through using intimate camera angles and familiar images we wanted to present one of the many stories behind an issue that has not only been overlooked, but often disregarded.

Sherard and I began our collaboration in 2011. Since that time, whenever I need assistance with a film project, he is the first person I seek out. Sherard has an intuitive method for story-telling, enabling his audience to easily identify with any narrative presented. I look forward with enthusiasm to all of our future projects.

Mandy Medlock
Mandy Medlock
Former Executive Director, Justice360

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