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In May of 2017, we met the wonderful team at The UBI Marketing Firm in Sumter, South Carolina. Since that first meeting, we were very moved by their mission and desire to help families and navigate pathways to financial freedom for men and woman across the United States.

UBI wanted to expand their insurance message into the Spartanburg, Greenville, and Anderson markets here in S.C., but they also wanted tell the life-changing stories that their team members have had since being involved with the company.

After completing production with our longtime collaborator Cinema Couture, we are currently in post-production on a :60 television tool for their product based business as well as a series of docu-shorts featuring team members throughout the organization.

We can’t wait to share these new pieces with you. Check us out here or on our blog for release information. Until then, take a look at some of the production stills courtesy of J Micah Films.

OTR Media Group worked with our students this summer at Olympia Learning Center. The instruction was very thorough. Students learned about “media literacy” and how to read and write film. The curriculum provided step-by-step instruction that the students could easily follow. Clips from other videos kept the students engaged and hands-on work with the camera made the sessions interactive and fun. They came away with a finished project that showed their knowledge and ability to produce a carefully planned production. The school was very pleased with the outcome of the students’ projects and the professionalism of the teacher.

Nathan White
Nathan White
Principal, Olympia Learning Center

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